Most people find sex as one of the most pleasurable things on earth. Couples love doing it and enjoying inside marriage. But there are also some people who love having sex with a casual hookup or with a long time partner. For most people, sex is private, but they still find thrilling ways to make it memorable and adventurous. There are many places that you might not try before, but you should be able to try and put a different kind of excitement to your sexual relationship. Some are awkward places, but who will find adventure in private places?

Top 10 Surprisingly Most Adventurous Places to Have Sex:

  1. Elevator

Some people don’t want to get trapped in an elevator, but in case you are your partner are trapped, it is a great opportunity to do your thing. Make sure that you still keep your dresses on so you will have an escape route once the elevator goes back functioning.

  1. Car

A tinted car is a nice spot to have sex with your partner, but where’s the adventure there? It is more thrilling to do it with a non-tinted car in the back seat. Make sure to go unnoticed or people might spot what you are doing due to the movement of a parked car.

  1. Boat

If you have vertigo, don’t do it. However, it will be so fun to have it on a boat where a romantic river cruises you by the shore.

  1. Rooftop

One of the most romantic spots is a rooftop, it is also adventurous that someone might get bothered by the noises coming from upstairs. Make sure to keep low your noises.

  1. Public Toilet

If you are on a road trip, hang out with your partner in a public toilet and do your thing. Most people do it and even on a portable toilet!

  1. Cinema

New couples do it inside the cinema for the first time, because the ambiance is very romantic, dark, and challenging. However, they may be making a live show and taking the attention of other viewers to theirs.

  1. Camp Tent

Make sure to turn off your lights inside the tent before you have sex. It is very cool to have a sex inside a camping tent while all your camp buddies are deeply sleeping.

  1. Beach shore

The beach shore is very relaxing and it is a great place to get laid. The night stars will be your lights and the humming of the waters is your music. The mood is so perfect to have sex on the shore.

  1. Pool

It is easy to have sex in a pool and keep unnoticed unless what you are doing gets intense.

  1. Office

Visit your partner in the office and surprise him/her. Do it in his cubicle or in a more private space like the pantry or the lavatory. Make sure he is on his/her break time.

These places are definitely adventurous, you will never know if someone will catch you up. So, try these places and feel the excitement.


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